Hi, reader!

My name is Markus Bertheau. I was born in Berlin, Germany in 1981. I study computer science at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. At the moment I’m in Novosibirsk in order to improve my Russian skills.

I have been a programmer since I was 13 and have only ever worked for money in web programming. In August 2006 I started to develop a web application with CakePHP, a framework which I hadn’t used up to that date.

On this blog I’m going to post interesting findings, short tutorials or comments on current web programming topics.

My first computer ran the CP/M operating system, but since about October GNOME I’m full time on Linux. My distribution progression is Debian 1.3.1 ⇒ SuSE (6 or so) ⇒ Redhat ⇒ Gentoo ⇒ Fedora ⇒ Ubuntu.

I’d like to hear you comments about this page at mbertheau@gmail.com.