Update September 13th 2009: Easier to use install script available.

Update January 31st 2009: Patch for Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 on ubuntu available.

I have been asked for a patch for installing Adobe Flash Media Server 3 on Ubuntu. Here it is:

# install dependencies
sudo apt-get install libnspr4-dev

Now download Flash Media Server 3, unzip the file and copy FlashMediaServer3.tar.gz over to your Ubuntu box. Don’t untar the .tar.gz file on windows and copy the files over to linux – this way file permissions will be wrong and the patch won’t work. Then

tar xfz FlashMediaServer3.tar.gz
cd FMS_3_0_0_r1157
wget http://www.bluetwanger.de/~mbertheau/flash-media-server-3-ubuntu.patch
patch -p1 < flash-media-server-3-ubuntu.patch
sudo ./installFMS

You can later uninstall the server:

cd /opt/adobe/fms
sudo ./uninstallFMS