Update September 13th 2009: Easier to use install script available.

I have been asked for a patch for installing Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 on Ubuntu. Here it is, with instructions for Ubuntu 8.04.:

# install dependencies for Ubuntu 8.04
# please let me know what is needed on other versions of Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install libnspr4-0d libstdc++6

Now download Flash Media Server 3.5 and copy FlashMediaServer3.5.tar.gz over to your Ubuntu box. Don’t untar the .tar.gz file on windows and copy the files over to linux – this way file permissions will be wrong and the patch won’t work. Then

tar xfz FlashMediaServer3.5.tar.gz
cd FMS_3_5_0_r405
wget http://www.bluetwanger.de/~mbertheau/flash-media-server-3.5-ubuntu.patch
patch -p1 < flash-media-server-3.5-ubuntu.patch
sudo ./installFMS

If you get

./installFMS: line 172: ./fmsini: No such file or directory

ERROR: You are running the Adobe Flash Media Server installer on the wrong platform.

then execute the following:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

That will install 32bit support on your 64bit Ubuntu.

If you opted to install Apache and it doesn't work, execute the following if you are on 32 bit:

sudo ln -s libexpat.so.1 /usr/lib/libexpat.so.0

If you are on 64 bit, execute this instead:

sudo ln -s libexpat.so.1 /usr/lib32/libexpat.so.0

You can later uninstall the server:

cd /opt/adobe/fms
sudo ./uninstallFMS